Alexa Installation Windows 10

If you want to get Alexa installation wind0ws 10 on your computer then this is the right place for you to visit. You need to know that Amazon Alexa has been available on the only limited number of laptops.

But if you have windows 10 PC then you can download and run it on your laptops. It works well on computers too. The functions of Alexa on your pc are similar to its functions on Amazon echo speakers. Alexa installation windows 10

You can command it to give you information about the weather and forecasting. Command it to stream your favorite music from various music streaming services. You can command it to turn on/off the smart lights of your home.

If your pc is compatible and supports Cortana then you can download Alexa to be used with it. As we all know that Microsoft Cortana and Amazon associated these two smart assistants to be used with each other.

By using it the user can open and tell Cortana it to give a command to Alexa. In recent times no one had thought that Alexa will be available to download in their PC’S and would work with that much better efficiency.

Using Amazon Alexa on your pc or laptop is a good experience and efficient. It is a no different experience as compared to other devices. Amazon is introducing its pc version with some good add on features.

It is difficult to say anything about it. But we will reveal it soon. As we know that Amazon Alexa app has been used in limited laptops and computers of companies like HP, Lenovo, and Acer etc.

But now can be installed on any PC. If you want to download Alexa app for pc then you can download it here.  (download Alexa app).

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Alexa installation windows 10 and procedure

  • Amazon Alexa app is available to use it in PC as an executable file of 134 MB of size.
  • You have to download Amazon Alexa for PC
  • After Installing the app and follow the instructions.
  • Start the app from the Start menu.
  • Log in with your Amazon account.
  • Change system language according to your preferred language.
  • In Alexa settings for auto-start feature ‘Launch app on the sign into this computer’ as it is optional. Alexa installation windows 10

You can use many new versions as they will be available in coming times to use in PC. If you want the Alexa app icon to be displayed in the Windows 10 taskbar then you need to make changes in some of the settings. like Windows Settings >> Personalization >> Taskbar >> enable Alexa and choose the icons to be displayed (it is also a default) Alexa installation windows 10

There is no surety that the app will auto-update itself or the user have to do it manually by themselves. You know that most of the installation files are pirated. You should use antivirus scanner while downloading these pirated files because they may contain virus instead of Alexa app.

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Alexa installation windows 10 and functions similarity with Echo

If you don’t have a PC which officially does not support Alexa and don’t have the Alexa supported firmware. The Wake word used to start the Alexa via voice will not work. You need to press a blue button in the middle to wake the Alexa up and give it commands. Alexa installation windows 10

If you woke up the Alexa device via ”WAKE” word before. You can wake Alexa app in that same way on your PC as you used before on Amazon echo devices. If you will use Microsoft Cortana as your smart assistant. Alexa installation windows 10

Then its functions will also be similar to the Alexa and it will not directly proceed shopping on Amazon, playing Amazon Music and use Amazon skills. Alexa can only do it only by getting voice commands. Alexa installation windows 10

Amazon has released Alexa app for PC recently. Before that Alexa app was available to only use with selected laptops and PC’s, today. Alexa app is also available on to download and install it on your Windows 10 PCs and laptops.

But, If your PC does not meet Alexa’s firmware requirements then it will not activate on that PC by using “WAKE” word. If the PC doesn’t have that firmware then a user would activate it by pressing a blue button on a screen. Alexa installation windows 10

Alexa installation windows 10 and access

Amazon Alexa app can give you access to now playing to stream music through it, like any other Alexa app, It can control all the devices connected on the same network and work as a home automation system. calls, Videos, Pandora and Spotify are some of the services which can’t be accessed in Alexa app for windows 10.

You are not provided by the company with PC control and windows access feature in this app, But soon all the PC related features and improved version will be launched. If you have Alexa on your Windows 10 PC or laptop you can access it anywhere you go and travel with it.

As if you are roaming around the streets, countryside you can access it if you have Alexa app in your PC. Alexa installation windows 10. You can use Alexa app for Windows 10 as Alexa has been launched just after Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa incorporated their smart voice assistants with each other. By that users can use Amazon’s Alexa via Cortana and Cortana via Alexa.

After this integration of Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa, Alexa has proved to be the best among these to smart voice assistants and the first choice of users. As Amazon has an association with Microsoft that is the reason why Alexa supports Xbox one console. Alexa installation windows 10

Almost all of the newer laptops are having Alexa in them, Nowadays, Alexa is also available on normal windows PC’S. The users who are using windows 10 PC’S can access almost all the features with its most recent update announced by Amazon. Which makes it a most convenient smart voice assistant as it can be accessed in Windows 10 PCs and laptops too.

Alexa installation windows 10 and relation with Cortana

Amazon Alexa provides almost similar services like Microsoft’s Cortana. Just like Microsoft Cortana, It permits users to access the Alexa virtual assistant by tapping into the blue button.

It can help you in searching for all kinds of information all over the web, checking calendars, playing music and it provides more features than Microsoft Cortana. Alexa installation windows 10

If you are running this app then you can also use your PC to control certain Alexa smart home compatible products including lamps, fans, speakers, and lights. You can use Alexa to control the home automation system including all smart devices in a home and it does not require any hardware device.  It simply requires downloading of related skills.

The laptops like Acer Spin 5, HP Envy, HP Pavillion Wave and the Acer Aspire 5 have Amazon Alexa supported firmware. Users can start it with using “wake” word and give it voice commands for doing tasks. If you have a regular PC then you can start Alexa app by clicking on the blue button or by keyboard shortcut.Alexa installation windows 10

If you are not happy with Microsoft Cortana then you can use Amazon Alexa you will see the difference. Alexa’s major advantage is that it provides users with so many skill sets. These skills help people doing many tasks with ease. This feature is not available in Microsoft Cortana till date. Users will get a similar experience either they will use Alexa in ios or android phones.

As you all know that the Amazon company wants Amazon Alexa to be used in every device. Recently, In result, The partnership between Amazon and Microsoft have been broken by which both the virtual assistants, Alexa and Cortana cannot access each other.

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Alexa installation windows 10 and how to download it

You can download and install the Alexa app in windows 10 PC by following these simple steps:

Alexa installation windows 10

  1. Go to the and search and download the Alexa app. Alexa installation windows 10
  2. Now, Open Alexa app when it’s installed on your computer.
  3. Click on ‘Set up Alexa installation windows 10.’
  4. Click on the ‘yes’ option to permit Alexa to use your computer’s microphone.
  5. Log in your Amazon account. Alexa installation windows 10
  6. Click on the Alexa button and give commands to Alexa after you hear a chime sound.
  7. By performing these simple steps you can download, Install and use Alexa app in your PC and laptops. You can now access Amazon Alexa voice assistant on your Windows 10 PC — without using Amazon Echo.
  8. In order to check the working of Alexa’s functions properly. You can ask some questions. for example: what is the capital of the USA? , Who is Donald Trump? trivia questions and many more things.

The Amazon Alexa app for the Windows 10 PC doesn’t allow you to start and watch movies or videos through your Amazon Prime account. Still, It is a very useful thing to use in your home. It can do many tasks just after getting voice commands.

You can do many things using Amazon Alexa like making shopping lists and controlling all the smart devices connected to it through the same internet connection. It is a convenient feature that if we give Alexa commands it does that same thing like turning on the lights in home’s specific area. Alexa installation windows 1o.