Alexa app

We can use Alexa app in Amazon Alexa device. Which is a virtual personal assistant having voice recognition software. Alexa runs on the Wolfram algorithm.
A user can train their Alexa devices for listening to his instructions and respond accordingly. Simply, Answer the questions asked.

All the Alexa devices generally activate on the default activation word “WAKE”. When Alexa listen to the word “WAKE” it gets activated. You can call Alexa as an example of artificial intelligence.


All Alexa related skills help us in performing various tasks in our day to day life. For example, Setting up an alarm, Giving the weather and forecasting reports, Live Scores. Preparing to-do list or shopping lists, Streaming music from phones, tablets, etc. via Bluetooth. Alexa can also stream music from various music streaming services available online.

You can call Alexa app as a hub for all the smart devices connected to it on the network. Because It works as a home automation system because it controls all the smart devices connected to it on the network.

If a user wants to use all the Alexa services. Then a user must have the Amazon prime membership. A user must have an amazon prime membership for using and download new skills for various tasks. If you don’t have a prime membership. Then, You can only use your Alexa device for simply listening to music via phone or tablet.

If you want to set up your Alexa device. Then you should connect your Alexa to the internet connection via Wi-Fi network or a router. (You should connect your Wi-Fi networks to it ). Alexa can give us the answers to various questions asked from it. For example; Who is Barrack Obama?
The Alexa device will search it across the various sources on the internet and will give you the best answer.

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Alexa app Download For Echo Setup

  • You can get your Alexa app for Download on Official website of Amazon to complete your Echo setup
  • Amazon Echo (Second generation)
  • Echo spot Alexa app
  • Echo look
  • Amazon Echo tap Alexa app
  • Echo look
  • Echo Auto
  • Amazon Echo Show
  • Echo Plus Alexa app

Each newly released device is better from the previous one in features, model, looks, etc. Both Amazon and third-party developers have developed over 25000 of its applications. We can call them skills and can be used in Amazon Alexa for performing different functions. Amazon launched Alexa in November 2014, After that, It has launched many variants and generations of Alexa models in the time span of 5 years.
It is available to be used in many colors in various models such as

Amazon Alexa can work with thousands of skills available. There is a skill for almost every need of the user. It has over 25000 skills ready to use with Alexa devices. It can help users every need. These applications have proved as the main factor in increasing the sales of Amazon Alexa devices.

The skill with name smart home compatibility checker can check the compatibility of other smart devices connected to it on the same network. Alexa tells us if these devices have compatibility to be used with it or not.

Alexa App for iPhone or Ipad (IOS): Alexa app can be downloaded for iPhones or pads but make sure you are using the latest version of IOS on your device. To download Alexa App, Visit App Store from the applications of your devices and Search for Alexa app and Hit GET option and install that. After Installing the applications, exit the App store and you will find Alexa App in the blue colored icon with Circle in it saying Alexa app. Then open the App and Login with the account details and set up your echo.

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Alexa app skills and uses

Alexa app controls all of the skills which users use in their Alexa devices. I am going to discuss some most important skills developed to enhance Amazon Alexa’s performance for doing various tasks.

Smart Home skill API— It is an application which helps the users to control all the connected smart devices on the network. Hence, It simply proves that it can control many devices and can work as a home automation system.

Users can place their shopping orders on Amazon using Amazon Alexa. Alexa also has a skill for baseball matches as a user can have access to ESPN services on it. A person can book their movie tickets through their Amazon Alexa devices.

You can listen to news and get information, top headlines, etc. from your preferred media channel or media source. It can help you with finding bus and train time schedules. This device can also help you in finding restaurants in your locality. It can check the traffic situations in your way.

Amazon Alexa is useful for women because it can help them in learning new food recipes and answer the cooking related questions. This device can teach people manners too. For example “Thank you”, “please”
It can also insult people through their skills (Insult generator)


Amazon Echo can help people by correcting the spellings of words.
Alexa can provide information about their course but it can’t tell you about the course’s syllabus.

Amazon Alexa also has gaming skills. It can help or guide people while playing games. For example movie quotes, quiz games etc.


You can use Alexa relaxation skill for relaxation. it can play many calming sounds which help in meditation and sleeping via that application. Amazon has developed many skills for devotion and prayers.

Alexa app and many other skills

Alexa can mentor you as a gym instructor. It provides many workout regimes for various body workouts like deltoids training, Abs training. Alexa can help you in reaching the fitness goals and maintain your body physique.

Alexa has a Lotto skill. Which can help you in choosing a lottery number? It has a meow app. Generally called a meowing app. Alexa can help your cats in meowing chat with Alexa.

How to Develop Alexa skills

Amazon Alexa is an artificial intelligence device which works on natural language processing. Alexa does not recognize all the voices in first go. Alexa takes time to understand the voice of its users. A user should give the commands to Alexa device in simple sentences and words with required pauses.

If they don’t do that Alexa would respond to them saying “I am sorry”, “I don’t know the answer” of this question. Which simply means that your Alexa device can’t understand the questions you have asked. It can’t understand the sentences and words used while giving it commands.

Amazon has allowed their Alexa artificial intelligence to many manufacturing companies and developers for using it in their devices. Amazon has also allowed developers to develop Alexa skills using its free tool kit called Alexa skills kit. As it runs on Natural language programming despite voice recognition programming. Any Developer who wants to develop new skills in Alexa can develop it by using Alexa skills kit.

Alexa app and skills for sports, calendar, travel, books

There is a skill called Skyscanner it works as the travel search engine on the Internet. you can use Skyscanner skill on Alexa device via giving it voice commands and it gives you best answers for your questions and work like a robot who can work for you as you travel agent and guide you.

you can give it command by saying “Alexa, ask Skyscanner to find us the flight to Paris for a day after tomorrow” or ” where I can travel tomorrow ” but there is one small limitation that Amazon Alexa app has is that it can not book the users tickets for their travel.

There is a skill called Audible which is used to read audiobooks. if a user is having an audible account, The user can read a specific chapter of a book by giving voice commands like restart a chapter, continue my book, sleep time and many more commands can be used with it.

Alexa has a skill for sports too. in this skill, users have to specify their favorite teams in the sports updates menu in Alexa app settings.
they can have access to their favorite sports update by saying ” Alexa, what’s my sports update?” and in answer, it will give all the updates, live scores, fixtures, sports series going on. it is also one of the effective skills of Amazon Alexa app or device.

Users can set reminders for their appointments and important events. a user can ask it to what to do today or what he is going to do today. it will respond to him with the reminders for that day using that skill in Alexa app.

Skills for Alexa App

Plex has been used to create personal Netflix or watch playlist and there is a plex skill in Alexa app and devices too. A user can command Alexa to “Alexa, ask plex to play” and it will play the contents of the most recently used playback device. and the user can also ask plex to give suggestions on what to watch? and it will give them all the suggestions from their library.

Spotify skill is used for streaming music from Amazon prime music and music unlimited streaming services. If a user is having a Spotify premium account they can stream music through it via connecting that account to the Alexa device and Alexa App and the user can make playlist according to genre, artist, playlist and many more things.

Setup for Alexa app

Wikipedia is an also a skill which works best in Alexa devices and Alexa app. if a user wants to search for any kind of information on Wikipedia .you can ask about it to Alexa and it will give introductory snippet and if you want more information or details for that topic then you can ask for more it will give you more information. It is helpful as it saves the time of clicking and scrolling. Alexa app

If you want to download Alexa app then you can click here.

Alexa App is an Application which allows Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Dot Kids Edition and other smart things to get set up with Wireless network. It can be downloaded on different platforms like for Windows, Mac, Androids, IOS, or Chromebook.

Alexa App for Windows 10: Alexa App can be downloaded on Windows 10 by visiting Microsoft Store and search for Alexa App and that can be installed from the store. Once it will be installed, You need to Launch the Application and Sign in with your Login details. For example Email and Password and then follow the instructions from the Application.

Echo devices can be also set up by visiting the URL and set up echo devices from the website directly but make sure you are using a laptop with the wireless compatibility or desktop with wireless access on that. Then Logging in your account and set up the devices by visiting SETTINGS>SETUP NEW DEVICE>(choose the device) then Connect Your Computer to Wireless by the name of AMAZON XXX and Click continue and Choose your wireless name and enter the wireless password , then Hit connect and wait for a blue line to cross the end.

Users can have access google calendars for checking the calendars by adding this skill in settings of the Alexa App .you can either add Microsoft calendars or apple calendars in it. a user can use it for setting and getting the reminder of what they are going ton on a specific or particular date of a month or year.

Alexa App for Android or Tablets: Alexa App can be downloaded on Androids and tablets by visiting the Play Store or Google Play. Open the Play store app on your device and search for the Alexa App and Install the application. Then Visit Apps and open the applications with the blue colored icon with Circle in it saying Alexa app. Then open the App and Login with the account details and set up your echo device