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Here you’ll get to know how to download Alexa app.

Alexa app is available on almost all the platforms. Anyone can download Alexa app from Amazon Appstore, Google Play, Apple App Store and Windows 10 PCDownload alexa app

  • Download Alexa app on android devices:
  • Alexa can control and can be connected with several smart devices and most importantly it can be used as a hub for a home automation system for all smart devices. Alexa’s capabilities can be increased or maximized by installing many “skills” these skills are additional functions developed by outsource or third party developers. To download Alexa app for Echo Dot on Android devices, tap on the Play Store icon from the home screen and search for Amazon Alexa app. Tap on install to download it.
  • These skills are apps which consists of settings of weather programs and audio features of Alexa. Alexa is made through neural artificial intelligence technology consists of Amazon’s voice recognition and natural language understanding service which allows or its users to voice enable any of its connected devices that are having microphone speaker.
  • Download Alexa App on iOS devices: To download Alexa app on iOS devices, tap on app store icon from the home screen and search for Amazon Alexa app. Tap on getting to download it.

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What Is the Amazon Echo?

The Echo is a voice-controlled virtual assistant. Echo can control smart home devices, checks the weather, play music, get news updates, set up alarms, reminder and a lot more. To set up echo devices, Plug in the power cord of echo. The indicator ring around the top will flash blue then switch to an orange color. Orange color indicates Echo is in the set mode. In case if you miss the orange light and purple light appears on it, Hold down the action button (the button opposite the mute button) for about six seconds until the ring turns orange again.

  • Once the Echo shows orange light, Get your smartphone and download Alexa App. Now open the Alexa app and sign in to the app using Amazon account details. When you open the app, tap on the Devices tab which is on the right bottom corner of the app and then tap on the + symbol at the right top. Tap Add Device and then select your device like Echo, Echo dot, Echo Plus, Echo kid edition and begin setting up. Now you need to connect your device to amazon-xxx Wi-Fi network. To connect, go to settings of your device and tap on Wi-fi and connect your device to Amazon-xxx Wi-Fi signals. Echo would announce your echo is connected, Go back to Alexa app to complete the setup
  • Download Alexa App on Windows 10 PC: To download Alexa app on Windows 10 PC, click on the windows store and search for Amazon Alexa app.
  • Now go back to Alexa app and tap for continue.
  • Now it will scan for wi-fi networks, select your Wi-Fi network and enter the network password (if required). If you don’t see your Wi-Fi network, scroll down and select Add a Network(for hidden networks) or
  • You can checkmark save your Wi-Fi password to Amazon. Any Wi-Fi password
    s saved during setup automatically appear when you connect a new Alexa device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now your echo device is connected and ready to use.

Download Alexa App set up using pc

  • Go to internet browser on your computer, type in in the address bar.
  • Sign into your Alexa account using Amazon account credentials.
  • The welcome screen would appear, click on begin set up.
  • Choose your device to set up like Echo, Echo dot, Echo Plus, Echo kid edition.

How to Download Alexa app

Amazon voice assistant is named as Alexa .and users can change the word ”wake” in amazon echo. At first, it was used in the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers made and developed by Amazon Lab126. It is having a capability of voice interaction and recognition, playing music, making or preparing of to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming of podcasts, playing or streaming of audiobooks, and it provides traffic, weather and forecasting, sports news, and other latest or on-time information, such as news.


There is no monthly fee to be paid for any subscription or to Download Alexa app. There is only one thing is required that a user should have a membership of Amazon prime. Non-prime members can use it to send their music to Amazon cloud or network and have Amazon echo play that music. Alexa device is not a waterproof device it can be damaged if water goes inside the device and damage internal parts of the device. Users can use it as Bluetooth speaker, At first requires WI-FI network connection for pairing the device.

Download Alexa app for Echo

Many devices with Alexa permits users to activate the Alexa device using a wake-word this can be if you Download Alexa app. Some devices such as the Amazon mobile app on iOS or Android requires the user to push a button to activate Alexa’s hearing or interaction mode. Currently, We can interact and communicate with Alexa in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese languages.

In late 2017, Alexa was available in the Canadian market in English. More than 5000 employees of Amazon are working on Alexa and its related products. In the starting of 2019, Amazon touched a milestone of selling over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices. UNIC communicated through Alexa in digital readout( numerical representation using a keyboard) and voice response and Download Alexa app.

In 2017, The first-ever Alexa Conference happened in Nashville, Tennessee, it was a meeting of the worldwide community of Alexa developers and enthusiasts. In 2018, the security researchers team turned an Echo into a spy device by creating a malicious Alexa Skill that was able to record unsuspecting users and send the recordings of their conversations to an attacker.

All Alexa related apps are available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. These apps can be used by users of Alexa-enabled devices to install skills, control and play music, alarms, and view shopping lists.

It also allows users to review the specific text on the app screen and send feedback to Amazon for reviewing whether the recognition was good or bad. A web interface is also available to set up compatible devices (e.g., Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Amazon Echo Show).

Download Alexa app for Echo Show

People are facing problems related to the access Amazon has to personal conversations in the home and other non-verbal signs that can recognize who is present in the home with continuous audio pick-up by Alexa-enabled devices. Amazon answers to the problems by telling that the devices only stream recordings from the user’s home when the ‘wake word’ activates the Alexa.

Amazon uses previously recorded voice recordings sent them to the cloud or network storage service to enhance the answers or responses to future questions. Users can remove or delete their voice recordings that are related to their account and get to Download Alexa app.

Alexa accesses and uses the user’s current address location stored in the companion app when it requires a location for responding to any questions asked. For example, Alexa optimizes the user’s location to respond to requests for searching about nearby restaurants or stores.

In simple words, Alexa uses the user’s location for mapping-related or navigation-related requests and questions. Amazon stores digital recordings of users’and things spoken after the “wake” word and if these audio recordings and files are subjected to requirements by law enforcement companies/agencies, government agents, and other organizations via Testificandum, Amazon issues some statistics about the warrants, Testificandum and warrant-less demands it receives and complete Download Alexa app

In 2018, Too Many T’s, A hip hop group from London(en) You can also access it from the Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, internet explorer, or Microsoft edge on your computer directly. Alexa App is easily available on Google play store or iTunes store or Amazon store. If you want to download Alexa app on windows you have to visit from your internet browser.

Alexa-to-Alexa calling is available only on the app installed on Android phone. Then, Go to About Alexa-to-Alexa Calling and Message. You can set up your Alexa app echo dot app and apps like Echo Tap and Echo Show. You are required to set up your device with the Alexa app to manage alarms, shopping, music, and many more. The Alexa applications are easily available on phones, tablets, laptops etc.

It is important for the user to install Alexa app on their smartphones to set up their echo devices. You can also set up and install echo app from your desktop.

  1. Alexa app setup at
  2. Inbox your echo device
  3. Plug in your echo device into the power cable and turn on your Alexa device
  4. Now from Alexa application’s setting menu go to set-up the new device
  5. Connect Alexa to your WiFi networks as well as connect the echo device to Alexa device.
  6. Select the desired wireless network you want your Alexa app to connect
  7. Follow all the on-screen instructions and complete the full setup Download Alexa app

In November 2018, Amazon added a new feature in Alexa which enables users to make Skype calls using Alexa. Due to this, Every echo device is able to dial a phone number via Skype. Speech unit technology developed the lifelike voice of Alexa App.  Use of Natural language processing improved its higher speed and accuracy. In short, we can call it NLP. Amazon released new software for amazon smart speakers and these new releases are improved than previous software and fixes bugs and enhance their functions.

It may take more than some days or some weeks for a particular device to update. These functional improvements made to echo without updating or upgrading its software at all. If you face problems when you set up your echo device. You can Download Alexa app or you can contact the expert team immediately.

A user needs to perform some basic commands after they Download Alexa app, for example, Alexa Play music and go on, Alexa Set a timer for 15 minutes. Then the user has to say “wake up” and provide a voice command to Alexa. Then Alexa Echo will be all set to respond to the wake-up word “Alexa” and answer or respond to the questions or queries, users can change the wake word in Alexa app any time they want to. Remember, They can do it by going to the settings on the Alexa App.gland) received international media attention by becoming the first ever artists to feature in Amazon Alexa as singers and rappers.


  • Amazon manufactured and developed the Echo first generation, Amazon released it on 6 November 2014, having fire operating system, voice input commands.
  • Amazon Prime members had used it first and others accessed it via invitation. Download Alexa app
  • On 23 June 2015, Amazon launched it in whole united states. It was obtainable in the united kingdom in September 2016.

Download Alexa app/features

  1. Tells about weather and  forecasting from AccuWeather
  2. Gives news from various sources from local radio stations, BBC, TuneIn, ESPN, NPR can stream music from user’s Amazon music account or from other music streaming channels, for example, apple music, SIRIUS XM, iHEARTRADIO, Pandora, Spotify
  3. Can play music from the table, phone etc. via Bluetooth
  4. Answers the queries asked from google calendar.
  5. Answers various questions asked by searching them on the internet across various sources.
  6. Order a pizza, setting an alarm, preparing to-do lists and shopping lists

A user can extend its capabilities by installing or downloading its various skillsets or applications. Amazon developed many of its skill sets and applications through third-party developers, Amazon Alexa supported these skills. (API) application programming interfaces tools helped in developing these skills set. For example: making skype calls via dialing a number, home automation.

Download Alexa app for Echo SECOND GENERATION

Amazon echo’s second generation had launched on 31 October’ 2017 in united states with the introductory price of US$99.99. It has wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity with all the features of the first generation Amazon echo. Echo (2nd gen.) had 5 special skills published by developers in recent times. You can download Alexa app for it.

Download Alexa app for Echo Dot

Amazon Echo dot is popularly known as a circular shaped device which can be connected to external speakers. Echo dot is best to use in bedrooms. Echo dot can work as an alternative to Amazon echo devices, It has all of the qualities of the original Amazon echo. It has better voice recognition, external third party portable batteries available, and is available in black, white and grey variants, It is cheaper. If you want to access all its services you need to download Alexa app. Downlod Alexa app


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Download Alexa app for Echo Tap

  • Smaller version or model of amazon echo
  • It is portable
  • At first, the user had to tap on the activation button to give it commands
  • But later with an update now user can activate it via activation word and give it commands.
  • Download Alexa app
Download Alexa app for Echo Input
  • It is a camera with Alexa built-in
  • Echo 2nd generation  is 20$ expensive than amazon echo (first gen.)
  • It works like artificial intelligence  and gives suggestions and recommendations
  • This device can record the videos, click the pictures
  • Alexa rates the clothes and costumes and gives ratings on the user’s looks as it learns algorithms of fashion experts with suggestions.
  • Alexa app download kindle fire HD

Download Alexa app for Echo auto

In late 2018, Amazon launched its echo auto device use it in cars. It connects a person’s smartphone with a Bluetooth device to guide them with driving directions. Till November 2018, It was only obtainable in special cases.

Download Alexa app for Echo Show

Amazon released this app for echo show in May 2017. Echo show has a 7-inch LCD,5 megapixels camera used to stream media, making video calls. Its new version has a 10-inch LCD, Better and improved speakers than before, mesh casing.

Download Alexa app for Echo Spot

In September 2017, Amazon came up with its new variant echo spot almost similar to echo show device. It is a circular device which exactly resembles an alarm clock.

Download Alexa app for Echo Plus

Echo Plus launched just 4 days after echo spot in September 2017, Its physical design had similarity to Amazon echo (first gen). It has a larger size than the smart home hub. Download Alexa app for windows 10. Amazon Alexa works as a hub in the home automation system controls all smart devices over the internet. Alexa has 7 mics, noise cancellation, Supports Dolby sound. Its new updated model has an inbuilt temperature sensor into it.

  • This variant of Amazon Alexa does not have any speakers.
  • We can connect echo input to an external speaker for getting an audio voice.